Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Friday, January 22, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country

Board of Directors/Trustees

The Veterans Association of America, Inc., is looking for passionate and dedicated volunteers to become members of our illustrious Board of Trustees.

We seek personnel from corporate, political, retired, active and reserve members, clergy, community activists, community based organizations, local school board members, state officials, etc. In this position you will serve as an active member participant in supporting and guiding the Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning of our veteran community.

Our Mission is "To Improve the quality of life financially, economically and socially to displaced and deprived veterans, family structure and quality of life of their children by enabling them to understand as well as meet their needs, goals, and challenges that are affordable, cost effective, and accessible, to include being culturally competent."

Our ideal candidate will offer energy and enthusiasm and be willing to make a commitment to serving for the benefit of a long standing private, not-for-profit Veteran Service Organization headquartered in the New York City metropolitan area.

Qualities that would be of great benefit to the Board and the agency would be in the areas of fundraising, marketing, business skills, advocacy and networking contacts. There is an orientation provided by the Board that will acclimate incoming members.

If you're interested in serving the veteran community, please submit your credentials and/or qualifications to: for review and assessment. We look forward to serving both your interest and concerns with our organization in the immediate future. Thank you.