Veterans Association of America, Inc.
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Serving those who've served this Country


The Veterans Association of America, Inc. offers seven programs of interest to our coveted service men and women. Our programs are: Employment Outreach Services, Discharge Upgrades, Legal Services, Medical Services, Housing Services, Business Ownership & Family Outreach Services. Through numerous surveys and questionnaires, 5000+ former and current veterans responded to what they believe to be critical issues affecting their daily lives and responded in kind to the aforementioned.
Our organization received over 93.6% response rate on all surveys and questionnaires provided. We compiled all information as well as adhering to the request of our coveted heroes by infusing these seven programs to help provide our veteran population with sustainable economic parity for them and their loved ones.
Our programs are conducive to helping veterans around the country by providing a litany of services that illude them, along with transitioning service members back from combat and into mainstream society. We value all soldiers, sailors, airmen, corpsmen alike in making sure they receive the due reciprocity they rightfully deserve in sacrificing their lives for this country.
The Veterans Association of America, Inc. is working with major corporations, clergy, community leaders and political constituents alike to establish funding vehicles that will assist the aforementioned programs reach their pinnacles of success.
All programs established seek to create systemic social & economic change by providing large scale impacts along with statistically assessing measurable outcomes of the aforementioned to achieve its goals.
We look forward working with local, state and federal authorities in assisting our organization provide these optimal programs in various capacities.

Join us in our efforts in helping those that have paved the way for our democracy here and abroad with donations, contributions, grant funding and endowments that will lessen the burden on them and their families. Thank you!!!